Universum Most Attractive Employers Survey of Türkiye

Evrim Kuran Consulting is affiliate partner Universum Global’s operations in Türkiye, which has been conducting research and consultancy activities World’s leading provider of talent research and employer branding expertise on employer branding for over 35 years, headquartered in Stockholm.

Türkiye edition of the Most Attractive Employers Survey, which is conducted annually in many different countries around the world with the participation of students and young professionals, took place for the 12th time as of the year 2024. Completed with the participation of 43,322 students from 61 different universities across Turkey and 15,313 professionals who graduated from these universities, the Most Attractive Employers of Türkiye Survey is the most comprehensive youth survey shedding light on the expectations of young people from organizations, their messages to leaders, and their perspectives on work life. Critical findings are shared every year in the September issue of Harvard Business Review Türkiye by Evrim Kuran. Organizations obtaining the comprehensive research report can access analyses regarding their talent needs, expectations, employer branding attributes most associated with themselves, competitor comparisons, focus and development areas in employer branding.

To learn more about the survey results and obtain your research report tailored to your company or industry, please contact us at [email protected]