Kuran has a BA in English Language & Literature at Hacettepe University and an Executive MBA degree at Sabancı University. She studied Behavioral Economics, Culture of Innovation and Design Thinking at Harvard Business School where she received a Certificate of Management Excellence. Since 2000, Evrim Kuran has been conducting generational research, organizational attractiveness studies, and reverse mentoring programs.

Kuran has worked with many local and global employer brands in various industries such as finance, energy, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, education, automotive, retail, etc. She is the Country Leader for Turkey of world’s leading employer branding research and consulting company, Universum. She is also the creator and the curator of the region’s biggest employer branding conference, People Make the Brand since 2013. Kuran is a Youth Council Representative of PERYON – People Management Association of Turkey, an Advisory Board Member at Sabancı School of Management, a Founding Member of YetGen Coop and also an Advisory Board Member of Yanındayız Association.

Besides her career as a consultant, she is also a keynote speaker and a columnist and her articles are published at certain national and global publications and portals. She is also the author of two books, Telgraftan Tablete (From Telegram to Tablet) in which she wrote the five generations of Turkey and Z: Bir Kuşağı Anlamak (Z: Understanding A Generation) which scrutinizes generation Z by using various studies.