What is an Employer Brand?

An employer brand is the sum of all the characteristics and distinguishable features that prospective candidates and current employees perceive about an organization’s employment experience. The employment experience serves as the foundation of the employer brand and includes tangibles such as salary, rewards and benefits, but also extends to intangibles such as an organization’s culture, values, management style and opportunities for employee learning, development and recognition.

What is an EVP (Employee Value Proposition) ?

An EVP (Employee Value Proposition) can be considered as a silent contract between the employer and the employee which reflects the expectations of each party. A well developed EVP is a great key which generates engagement within the organization and attractiveness outside.

Why you need Employer Branding?

Employer Branding provides you with measurable benefits. Your Employer Brand is the key to help you • increase your organizational attractiveness for potential employees; • increase engagement levels of your current employees; • position your former employees as brand ambassadors in the most sustainable way; • communicate the notion of “Employer of choice” internally and externally in the most effective way